Privacy Policy

At Pioneer modular solutions, as a professional product and service provider we are committed to the privacy of your information. We offer the best service to all our site visitors.

If not restricted by law, you agree to the company collecting all information through the website. It may be used for future purchases. After customer registration we are able to identify your name, mobile number, email and address which is otherwise not available in the open.

For Pioneer modular solutions order cancellation will take place before 24 hours of confirmation. Customers will receive an email and message on the registered email id and phone number respectively. The company is responsible for informing customers about cancellation. In addition, if customers cancel orders after 24 hours of confirmation then 3% amount from the price will be deducted similar to banks.

After company carpenters complete material fittings in the said location, customers are requested to sign a feedback form. Once the form is signed, there will be no return or refund for materials delivered and fittings.

During transportation if any sort of damage takes place then the entire cost will be borne by the company and changes will be done by company provided carpenters. Customers need not worry about anything.

For payments, our company accepts digital payments through all types of UPI Applications. Customers are requested to send a screenshot after complete payments.

We take the responsibility to never sell or rent information to a third party without customer consent. In our daily operations, the only usage will be for product/service delivery and assistance. Your trust is the essential factor for this business.